Waterford Based Scald Punk

SYMPOS came together in 2020 through a mutual love of free chips, beer, and shouting.

SYMPOS are Tony O’Keeffe, (vox/guitar) Kevin Power, (vox/bass) and Aaron Mulhall (drums). Initially drawing inspiration from classic 77 punk, 80s hardcore bands, and the Oi! scene, the group has crafted a sound that’s all their own while still paying it’s respects. Raw, honest, and straight to the fucking point.

Born into lockdown and denied the chance to play for a live audience SYMPOS have instead produced a short sharp snapshot of their work so far with their self-titled debut release. Eight compelling tales of booze, skateboarding, more booze, one fake skinhead, and the general drudgery of modern life are the listener’s reward. 

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